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juancho Alfonso juanchorevolution at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 10 20:27:58 UTC 2015

Hey thereI have installed CentOS squid in 7I want to change the cache directory
appears when I try to initialize
Creating Swap Directories
FATAL: Failed to make directory swap mydirectory / cache / 00:
     (13) Permission denied
directory is an external drive or a folder on the same partitionand I granted permissions
chmod 777 cacheorchmod cache squid.squid
no worksI need help to put more capacity more directories

the squid.conf
## Recommended minimum configuration:#
# Example rule allowing access from your local networks.# Adapt to list your (internal) IP networks from where browsing# should be allowedacl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal networkacl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal networkacl localnet src # RFC1918 possible internal networkacl localnet src fc00::/7 # RFC 4193 local private network rangeacl localnet src fe80::/10 # RFC 4291 link-local (directly plugged) machines
acl SSL_ports port 443acl Safe_ports port 80 # httpacl Safe_ports port 21 # ftpacl Safe_ports port 443 # httpsacl Safe_ports port 70 # gopheracl Safe_ports port 210 # waisacl Safe_ports port 1025-65535 # unregistered portsacl Safe_ports port 280 # http-mgmtacl Safe_ports port 488 # gss-httpacl Safe_ports port 591 # filemakeracl Safe_ports port 777 # multiling httpacl CONNECT method CONNECTacl PAGINASBLOQUEADAS url_regex -i porno abcde
## Recommended minimum Access Permission configuration:## Deny requests to certain unsafe portshttp_access deny PAGINASBLOQUEADAS
# Deny CONNECT to other than secure SSL portshttp_access deny !Safe_ports
# Only allow cachemgr access from localhosthttp_access deny CONNECT !SSL_portshttp_access allow localhost manager
# We strongly recommend the following be uncommented to protect innocent# web applications running on the proxy server who think the only# one who can access services on "localhost" is a local user#http_access deny to_localhost
# Example rule allowing access from your local networks.# Adapt localnet in the ACL section to list your (internal) IP networks# from where browsing should be allowedhttp_access allow managerhttp_access allow localnet
# And finally deny all other access to this proxyhttp_access allow localhosthttp_access allow all
# Squid normally listens to port 3128http_port 3128 transparent
# Uncomment and adjust the following to add a disk cache directory.
# Leave coredumps in the first cache dircoredump_dir /var/spool/squid
## Add any of your own refresh_pattern entries above these.#refresh_pattern ^ftp:		1440	20%	10080refresh_pattern ^gopher:	1440	0%	1440refresh_pattern -i (/cgi-bin/|\?) 0	0%	0refresh_pattern .		0	20%	4320

#juancache_mem 16384 MB#cache_replacement_policy heap LFUDA #El parámetro maximum_object_size define el tamaño máximo de los objetos que serán almacenados en el cache de discomaximum_object_size 200 MBcache_swap_low 90cache_swap_high 95#correo del administrador del cachecache_mgr ingenieria at conexiondigital.cocachemgr_passwd cache all
#this workcache_dir aufs /var/spool/squid 40000 16 256 #this no workcache_dir aufs /var/spool/squid2 40000 16 256 
cache_effective_user squidcache_effective_group squid

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