[squid-users] delay_pools from 3.1 to 3.4, media content

Massimo.Sala at asl.bergamo.it Massimo.Sala at asl.bergamo.it
Thu Dec 10 10:21:39 UTC 2015

Massimo :
>> acl acl_flussi_media rep_mime_type -i ^audio/
>> acl acl_flussi_media rep_mime_type -i ^video/

>> 2015/12/03 12:38:45 kid1| WARNING: acl_flussi_media ACL is used in 
>> context without an HTTP response. Assuming mismatch.

Amos :
> It means that *reply* header do not work when using *request* to decide
> what delay pool the transaction will use.

> It has never worked. The older Squid just did not tell you about the
> config problem.

> If you want traffic to be re-assigned to pools when the reply happens
> you need to upgrade to at least the Squid-4.0.3 (beta) release.

Amos, many thanks for your answer.

An example of ACLs to catch media content, e.g. :

        acl acl_sites_media dstdomain .ask.fm .facebook.com .fbcdn.net 
.googlevideo.com .youtube.com
        acl acl_types_media urlpath_regex -i \.asf$ \.avi$ \.flv$ \.mkv$ 
\.mov$ \.mp3$ \.mp4$ \.mpeg$ \.mpg$ \.qt$ \.swf$ \.vob$ \.wmv$

1) To apply the two ACLs to the same pool, which is the correct syntax ?

        delay_access 1 allow acl_sites_media
        delay_access 1 allow acl_types_media


        delay_access 1 allow acl_sites_media acl_types_media

2)  Can you please add all of these stuff to the official docs ?

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