[squid-users] How to enable OCSP stapling for squid 3.5

GoGo net focusnetgogo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 10:21:04 UTC 2015

Hi, cool guys,

I am running a squid 3.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 as proxy server through https_port 443 (not http_port):

> client —> (https_prot:443) squid  —> Internet

Basically speaking, it works well. But TLS brings in some performance overhead. 
Currently, I am planning to enable OCSP stapling to speed up handshake. I have searched squid configuration doc, did NOT find anything helpful. So my question is:

** Does squid 3.5 support OCSP stapling (between client and squid)? If yes, can anyone provide an example? **

Best wishes,


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