[squid-users] Dropbox and GoogleDrive apps won't connect with SSLBump enabled

Jason Haar Jason_Haar at trimble.com
Mon Aug 31 20:21:38 UTC 2015

On 01/09/15 02:59, Shane King wrote:
> Accessing via the browser may work but the sync clients that sit in
> the system tray use certificate pinning I believe. So if certificate
> pinning is being used, ssl bumping will not work. You will see an
> alert message in the pcap followed by a connection termination.

This stopped working for me last week - I suspect there was an update or

Really frustrating: one of the primary reasons I want to do TLS
intercept is to AV all the viruses published on dropbox!!!

If the Cloud providers go full pinning, the future of TLS Intercept is bleak


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