[squid-users] completely transparent Squid

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at squid.open.source.it
Sat Aug 29 19:58:11 UTC 2015

On Saturday 29 Aug 2015 at 16:32, Arkantos wrote:

> user authentication is done from Unify MSC by matching user/pass/IP/MAC
> using strict method - this is the reason we need completely transparent
> proxy.

MAC address?  Really?

You won't get user MAC addresses to pass through routers, or through a 
transparent Squid proxy.  The packets seen by the upstream "authentication 
machine", whatever that is, will carry the MAC address of the last device they 
went through which isn't a switch.

I just wanted to check you're not trying to build something that will break 
authentication, and therefore be unusable...


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