[squid-users] Zero Sized Reply

Jorgeley Junior jorgeley at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 19:48:25 UTC 2015

Hi guys.
I'm having a weird problem, my squid is doing "ZERO SIZED REPLY" when I try
to connect with some addresses, like this on log above:
2015/08/26 13:50:31.335 kid1| http.cc(1300) continueAfterParsingHeader:
WARNING: HTTP: Invalid Response: No object data received for
http://www.grupoatuall.com.br/ AKA www.grupoatuall.com.br/
2015/08/26 13:50:31.335 kid1| store.cc(1755) reset: StoreEntry::reset:
2015/08/26 13:50:31.335 kid1| FwdState.cc(412) fail: ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT
"Bad Gateway"
Any ideas???
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