[squid-users] can't get bump to work anymore on 3.5.7?

Jason Haar Jason_Haar at trimble.com
Sat Aug 22 23:54:29 UTC 2015

On 22/08/15 13:38, HackXBack wrote:
> can you share your perl file 
> /usr/local/bin/confirm_https.pl 
> Thanks ..
It's not really useful... I hacked it together in order to be able to
differentiate a lot of the ways that I discovered bumping could fail
(client certs, lack of SNI, non-SSL). It's awful: bunches of calls to
openssl and curl - all sorts of kruft.

Very useful for me to learn about how all this works - but not designed
for production. Probably full of security risks too (eg I don't bother
sanitizing the hostnames - which are dropped into shell calls - not a
good look)



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