[squid-users] ssl_bump updates coming in 3.5.8

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Fri Aug 21 14:41:05 UTC 2015

On 21/08/2015 11:04 p.m., Marcus Kool wrote:
> I do not want to spoil things, but did you already read my latest
> addition to bug 4303 ?
> Marcus

Haven't had a chance to read the logs yet, but got the main text. Thank you.

The main emphasis of the patch was getting the action ignore/skip
actually doing as intended and documented. And simpler set of states to
track as a bonus. We are both confident it goes that far. This testing
request is to see if anyone is burned by the change and what can be done
before formal release to reduce any pain.

Even though its not a fix for your issue, and others issues too, it does
make the whole situation a bit simpler/deterministic for tracking them down.


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