[squid-users] Has anyone a working config for windows update through squid?

Peter list-squid-users at jyborn.se
Thu Aug 20 07:59:18 UTC 2015

We run squid 3.5.6 in a proxy server with FreeBSD 9.3.
Squid is the only way out, there is no transparency at all.
We have problems with windows update through squid.

I have looked at this:
and this:

But they are both more than a year old.

I have entered the config recommendations from the Faq page above.
But reload-into-ims seems to be removed, I get syntax error when
I try to add that option. Even though this page still lists
reload-into-ims as a valid option:

Anyway, I wonder if anyone has a working config for
windows update through squid?



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