[squid-users] Presenting an internal virtual host externally as domain root folder

Arjen van der Meer arjen at arjenvandermeer.eu
Thu Aug 13 12:55:34 UTC 2015

Hello all,


I'm taking the risk of asking a question a question previously answered,
because after multiple weeks of googling I haven't found a working answer.


So let me first introduce myself: I'm an old school software engineer that
turned to IT and operations management 2 decades ago and currently acts as a
pre-sales and account manager. 


I still like to "play" around with things at home and run an Ubuntu LTS
setup for zoneminder and postfix with dovecot, a raspberry pi with raspbian
and squid, a Synology diskstation with wordpress.


Since a couple of months I have installed and configured squid on my
raspberry pi with raspbian and most things I like to work do! One thing
however I can't get to work. Not even with the help of what I found on the
internet so far. That is that I like to present my internal wordpress on my
diskstation as the domain root on the outside. I want my internal to be available on the outside as
www.arjenvandermeer.eu/ without anything else. I have only one external IP
address so I need to use something like squid to make both my Ubuntu system
and the Synology available on the outside. I could use a rewriter or a
redirect to add the /wordpress part but it is much neater if my internal
/wordpress can present itself as domain root on the outside. My Cisco router
port forwards http and ssl to my pi lan ip from where squid picks it up.


Can this be done (with squid) and if so please help me out or point me to
some matching examples.


Kind regards and many thanks in advance,



Arjen van der Meer.

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