[squid-users] Content Adaptation in Reverse proxy mode

joseph jose joevypana at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 07:02:24 UTC 2015


I have configured squid reverse proxy with eCAP modules.

I have a client machine in which host file is edited and for
domain in reverse proxy), it will point to squid reverse proxy machine.

What i basically do is like i will append the request url to the cached
domain url and send it to squid.

>From client machine if i request www.wiki.org i will send
www.squid.com/?url=www.wiki.org, so that host file of client will resolve
and send this to squid reverse proxy machine. From eCAP i will trim the
first part and take www.wiki.org.
Say wiki.org is denied, from eCAP  i will send back response
(denied/allowed)back to client.

My problem is eCAP modules are loading and working as expected(checked by

But squid always sending server response apache/CentOS not my custom
response back to the client machine.


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