[squid-users] Android

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Wed Aug 12 17:14:38 UTC 2015

     Of course you can always use 'acl aclname browser' to identify some 
specific agents and, using that, try to match android browsers.

     however, that would be basically impossible to guarantee to work 
100% because softwares that calls HTTP requests can always sent 
different identifications and, thus, your rule will not match. And those 
rules would allow, also, other browsers/OSs to fake their agent-id and, 
forcing something that will look like an Android to you, have the access 
allowed without authentication.

     You can try, but i would say you can never have a fully 100% 
working and 100% fake-proof setup on that scenario.

Em 12/08/15 14:09, Jorgeley Junior escreveu:
> Hi guys.
> Is there a way to work around android under squid authentication???
> I could make an ACL to a range of address that my wifi router 
> distribute to my wifi network and deny auth for them, but I'd like to 
> identify the Android clients and specify that just them do not need 
> authentication.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks since now


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