[squid-users] Which protocol uses when Stored-ID object returned by Squid?

Yuri Voinov yvoinov at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 16:06:48 UTC 2015

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Good info, Eliezer.

I'll research this next week. I've interested in video hostings caching.

Thanks for idea and point to right direction!

12.08.15 22:04, Eliezer Croitoru пишет:
> Vimeo is using akamai and can be cached as far as I understand.
> There is always an ID out there in urls(not Vimeo specific if at all
in Vimeo) but it's either encrypted or is inside the page that needs to
be parsed.
> These are the two options I know about and I have seen couple times
that there are something like a "cookie" url which can help to identify
a common ID.
> I don't remember if it was to you that I recommended Adblock plus and
video search at firefox.
> There was another software which I think is called "FreeRapid
Downloader" and they have all bunch of plugins which written in java
that helped me get started on couple things with video sites analytics.
> The software doesn't work very well these days but it gives a lot of
basics if you have the needed java skills(I am not pushing you to dive
into it since it's not a simple task).
> Adblock plus gives you many details on every page you browse into and
have a nice filter option.
> You can get into the filter and urls list using the "open blockable
items" option in the Adblock plus firefox menu.
> It' much simpler then plain firefox "inspect elements" or firebug but
it is limited a bit.
> Eliezer
> * I have read people writing in forums something like "we are not
spoon feeding got read the man pages" and I do not like the attitude!!
>  - Also on this specific case there is not man pages or something
similar and I encourage to ask.
> On 12/08/2015 17:17, Yuri Voinov wrote:
> I still see no problem, if the same content under HTTP/HTTPS will
> deduplicated as one record.
> 12.08.15 20:06, Eliezer Croitoru пишет:
> >>> On 12/08/2015 16:44, Yuri Voinov wrote:
> >>>> Hmmmmmm. You want to say will better to have HTTP/HTTPS duplicate
> >>>> for the same content? This can lead problems with YT, for
example. And
> >>>> make storage space bigger...
> >>>>
> >>>> Now I'm trying to produce some best practice with Store-ID for
> >>>> This is why this question occurs.
> >>>
> >>> I think that it's not an issue if you are bumping.
> >>> Youtube these days forces https whenever they can so you will probably
> won't have this issue at all.
> HSTS is not an issue - it's quite simple to disable or force URI to
> bump. Issue is still different. When rules for store id is dual - http
> and https - this occurs problems with Chrome on PC's and mobile devices.
> >>>
> >>> Youtube is not a basic case but take a look at their smaller content
> such as youtube images which consist of one key for them all using the
> video ID which is different from vimeo and many others.
> In our country YT is basic case. This is over 80% of all video traffic.
> All others either blocked, or not know or unused. Vimeo.... Vimeo is
> great undocumented problem, like Google YT. But if YT is partially
> solved, Vimeo is completely terra incognita. :)
> >>>
> >>> Are you looking for some sites to analyze for practice?
> Sure.
> >>>
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