[squid-users] websocket connection fails

Jan Niggemann jn at hz6.de
Tue Aug 11 10:07:15 UTC 2015

Hi list,

first of all: Excuse me if this has been brought up before, but the  
link to the search function on page  
returns a 404.

Our company introduced a new proxy solution (called Artica).  
http://www.lagado.com/proxy-test shows that  
"squid/3.5.7-20150801-r13880" is used.

My problem is that chromium 44 on Win7/64 can't establish a  
wss-connection, probably due to incorrect server response headers. I  
know for sure that stackoverflow.com handles websockets correctly, but  
the server response headers lack 'Connection: Upgrade' and show  
'Connection: keep-alive" instead. A screenshot and debug log is  
available in my question on SO:

Is there a squid setting that I need to tell our administrators about,  
so websocket connections will work?


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