[squid-users] a lot of TCP_SWAPFAIL_MISS/200

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Sat Aug 8 07:24:34 UTC 2015

On 8/08/2015 10:38 a.m., HackXBack wrote:
> yea joe i dont know why ppl dnt give this bug importance while it deduce a
> lot of hit ratio

yea. um ... isn't that your job ?

Answering the question of:
  "Why cant Squid read this file off disk?"

sure sounds like something the admin in charge is responsible for
finding out.

The "ppl" working on Squid are consultants, fixing first the bugs our
customers pay to get fixed ASAP. And/or hobbyists, in our spare time
fixing the ones we want to fix, just for fun (...F ...U ...N).

Anyhow. No less than three of us main developers and a few of the
downstream distro guys have already spent a fair amount of time (paid
and unpaid) fixing the bugs inside Squid we identified as even
_possibly_ leading to SWAPFAIL.

In the end it might simply be your HDD dying. Nothing *we* can do about

You or the init scripts could be sending Squid KILL signals instead of
shutdown (SIGHUP) signals. Also something for you to fix, not us.

IIRC HackXBack is dealing with huge caches and forced short shutdown
times. That is one recipe for SWAPFAIL, for known reasons. And is being
worked on by hobbyists in spare time because despite many complaints
*nobody with money has ever hired anyone to fix that group of failures*.
BUT. It is still unknown if that is actually HackXback's problem,
several bug fixes in the latest Squid so far have apparently made no
dent it.

What can be done by others IS being done by others. In free software
everyone plays a part. Especially you (for all values of 'you' reading

So "we" need you to provide details, lots of details, about what exactly
is happening and answer the question of 'why your Squid can't load the
files off disk?'

Maybe you solve it yourself in the process of investigating. (yay!)

 No joke. This has happened repeatedly in the past already. Bad HDD
firmware, broken FS system drivers, dying HDD, force-kill init scripts,
bad NFS network transfers, even a bad Intranet router firmware once. All
found and fixed by admin looking into SWAPFAIL. Squid is usually just
the messenger with SWAPFAIL.

Whatever happens the answer and research sheds light on the problem, and
only then it can possibly be fixed somehow. Without that answer we are
just stabbing about blindly in the dark trying to swat a flying bug.


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