[squid-users] Why is overlapping dstdomains a FATAL error now?

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Fri Aug 7 14:54:57 UTC 2015

On 08/06/2015 09:26 PM, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> On 7/08/2015 11:48 a.m., Benjamin E. Nichols wrote:
>> Agreed, whoever decided it was a wise decision to make this a stop error
>> should be fired or at the very least, slapped in the back of the head.
>> On 8/6/2015 6:44 PM, Dan Charlesworth wrote:
>>> This used to just cause a WARNING right? Is this really a good enough
>>> reason to stop Squid from starting up?
>>> 2015/08/07 09:25:43| ERROR: '.ssl.gstatic.com
>>> <http://ssl.gstatic.com/>' is a subdomain of '.gstatic.com
>>> <http://gstatic.com/>'
>>> 2015/08/07 09:25:43| ERROR: You need to remove '.ssl.gstatic.com
>>> <http://ssl.gstatic.com/>' from the ACL named 'cache_bypass_domains'
>>> FATAL: Bungled /etc/squid/squid.conf line 149: acl
>>> cache_bypass_domains dstdomain "/acls/lists/8/squid_domains”
> It *seems* very daft. But there actually is a very good reason.
> Squid stores these data into a splay tree structure as it goes. Adding
> to a splay tree is a one-way operation. There is no remove short of
> dumping the entire squid.conf and re-configuring.

Are you sure "dumping the entire squid.conf and re-configuring" is the
only way?

AFAICT, if I have a splay tree A, I can remove any node from that tree
by creating another splay tree B and inserting all A's nodes except for
the one I want to remove and then replacing A with B. Sure, that kind of
update will take some extra time and extra RAM, but it does not sound
like a bad solution, especially compared to killing Squid when we used
to accept ambiguous configurations before.


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