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This post is more of a Squid-Users question rather then squid-dev  to my understanding.


The technical way to look at it is not the sum of “global” users but rather their load on the system.

For 2k users you are better with more CPU ie 4+ vCPU and the 8GB RAM can be enough for many use cases.

The best way to start with this is capturing some data/stats on the network/fw level.

You can start with the exact system ie 4vCPU 8GB ram only as a router\firewall.

Then collect some details on the actual connections that are being used in the network.

I can recommend on Prometheus which I have used to get some nice graphs on systems.

There are ways to use Prometheus to graph Linux iptables/nftables/kernel conntrack which
is what I believe you should start from.

After you will have at-least a week of this stats you might be able to start and calculate more things.


Amos or Alex might know by heart what is the calculation that was mentioned here many times
regarding the amount of ram allocated per connection/request/session.





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Hi Squid development team,


I have one quick question about sizing.

Actually, I am trying to install a SQUID proxy for 2,000 users. So, I am finding out the h/w requirements for that and I am thinking of,

2vCPU and 8GB Mem, 50GB HDD(without Caching function)


Is it reasonable for that?

Any sizing calculation method?


I appreciate your help in advance,




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