[squid-dev] effective acl for tcp_outgoing_address

Hideyuki Kawai h.kawai at ntt.com
Thu Jan 14 12:21:45 UTC 2021

Dear Eliezer

Thank you for your reply.
Could you let me ask you about your comment.

"slow acl" can use in tcp_outgoing_address?

Best regards,

h.kawai at ntt.com
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It's more of an users question.

Just to clear it out, the tcp_outgoing_address is a fast acl just when the decision is "required"
You can "pre-cook" the value of a specific note when the connection is only at the first http_access level.
An example for a setup which does probably what you want based on htaccess passwords you can here:

It's a vagrant lab which demonstrate this.

Let me know if it helps you or you need clarification.

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Subject: [squid-dev] effective acl for tcp_outgoing_address

Hi, this is Kawai.

Please let me send inquiry as followings.

### Requirement ###
1. Kerberos auth with Active Directory	: auth_param ..... 	<- Success
2. "Security group" check which is gotten from AD : external_acl_type ...(using ext_kerberos_ldap_group_acl)   <- success
3. Different outgoing IP based on "Security group" : tcp_outgoing_address + external_acl  <- fail

### Inquiry ###
1. "external_acl" can not use on tcp_outgoing_address. Because the external_acl type is slow.
   My understanding is correct?
2. If yes, how to solve my requirement?

Please let me inform your comment and knowledge.
Thanks in advance.

h.kawai at ntt.com
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