[squid-dev] rfc1738.c

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Thu Oct 29 11:41:18 UTC 2020

On 30/10/20 12:17 am, Damian Wojslaw wrote:
> Helo
> I've been recently following the PR that addresses issue with 
> authentication in cachemgr.cc.
> It was mentioned that rfc1738_do_escape could use changing so it doesn't 
> return static buffer.

The latest Squid have AnyP::Uri::Encode() whic uses a caller provided 
buffer. What needs doing now is finding old rfc1738*_escape() which can 
be replaced with the new API.

For example; code like urlCanonicalCleanWithoutRequest() where the data 
is stored in an SBuf, but converted to char* in order to use the rfc1738 

Also a AnyP::Uri::Decode function needs adding so we can convert the 
rfc1738_*unescape() callers too.

> I'm interested in working on it. I'm also interested in getting my hands 
> in cachegr.cc, as it was described as neglected in the PR. This last 
> remark would give me hope that my speed of work wouldn't be too slow.
> I'd probably require some mentoring in the process. If there are no 
> NACKs, I'd like to start working on it.

The cachemgr.cc code is "neglected" primarily because it is deprecated. 
It has been replaced by reports served directly in HTTP by the proxy.


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