[squid-dev] PRs ready for merge

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Fri Oct 11 13:37:36 UTC 2019

On 11/10/19 11:41 am, Alex Rousskov wrote:
> Hi Amos,
>     I believe the following two PRs are ready to go in. I added the
> corresponding comments and labels to these PRs. I did not hear from you
> since then, and I do not know whether you are OK with these PRs going in
> or just unaware of my plans to merge them. The latter possibility is the
> reason I am sending this "heads up" email. My current plan is to clear
> them for merge in 24 hours unless I hear otherwise from you.
>   #485: Re-enabled updates of stored headers on HTTP 304 responses
>   #483: Report context of level-0/1 cache.log messages

Reviewed, briefly.

> The following two PRs will be in the same position soon. You have
> commented on both, but it is not clear (to me) whether you are OK with
> them going in despite your no-vote comments.
>   #474: Bug 4796: comm.cc !isOpen(conn->fd) assertion when rotating logs

I want to be very sure of the sequence being identical or better before
this goes in.

>   #490: Send HTTP/503 (Service Unavailable) error when lacking peers

Will followup in the PR on this shortly.


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