[squid-dev] Squid-4 status update

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Mon Mar 27 03:20:36 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I am looking at the current state of Squid-4 with a (slim) hope of
finishing the beta cycles.

Below are the bugs which are currently preventing a "stable" release:

4464 - assertion failed: http.cc:1537:
 	2016-06-18 	2016-03-10

 * stuck waiting for someone to identify exactly how the assertion is
being encountered.
 - Had quite a few testers hit this one, so AFAICT it is the worst

4574 - on startup assertion failed: ../src/base/CbcPointer.h:159: "c"

 * stuck waiting for someone to identify exactly how the assertion is
being encountered.
 - only seems to have affected a few testers. so most critical part is
finding out what leads to it.

4659 - sslproxy_foreign_intermediate_certs does not work any more

 * waiting for someone to identify what part of the Downloader code
breaks this directive behaviour.

Below seem to be only affecting Yuri, we think these are fixed but
waiting on feedback still. So these wont delay release in their present

4661 - 4.0.17 compile error 'warning: _XPG4_2 redefined' with GCC on
Solaris 10
	- waiting feedback since 2017-02-05

4497 - CloudFlare and hosted sites cannot be connected via SSL\TLS(with
DH) with NONE/503
 	- waiting feedback since 2016-12-05

Below are planned to ignore for release purposes. If they can be fixed
great, but I'm not holding for them:

4662 - build errors with LibreSSL 2.4.4

 * stuck waiting for someone to add feature detection to all the code
using OPENSSL_VERSION macros. Then to find any other places LibreSSL
differ and fix those too.
 - this kind of requires someone who actually use LibreSSL to do the

4505 - Memory hits shadow disk entries and vice versa

 * AFAIK, still nobody working on this. Requires a fair bit of redesign
in store code.

4631 - security_file_certgen drops request due to a full queue

 * seems to be an expected but undesirable consequence of being helper
API. The effects are major, but the fix is technically a feature
enhancement AFAICT.

Any other issues that dont have bug reports I should wait for?

Keep in mind that bugs affecting the Squid-3.x versions are not relevant
to the v4 release decision.


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