[squid-dev] To make squid works in snap world.

Gary Wang gary.wang at canonical.com
Tue Mar 14 14:44:33 UTC 2017

Hi guys
    I'm sorry that I'm here so late. :(
    Generally, regarding the purpose of this MP.

    I'd like to make squid snap works as a confined
<https://snapcraft.io/docs/reference/confinement>snap in snap world. So
that we can ship this snap in ubuntu-core.
    The reason why I need to add compile option to enable to customize IPC
prefix at compiling time is that in order to use shared memory in an app
which released as a snap package the only allowed file path will be like
this  <https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1653955>(in the following

    Hence in our case, the shared memory file path should be
    Otherwise, you will get the following error when running the squid in
snap world

    About your suggestions, I could add "-n sem.snap.squid-snap" in the
command line to launch snap.
    However, If I do it like this, I will receive the following error.
    I suppose it's caused by the '.' separator.

    DEFS += -DDEFAULT_STATEDIR=\"$(localstatedir)/run/squid\"
    According to the above share memory namespace in snap world, it
couldn't help on this either.

    Hopefully, I made it clear on this MP. :)
    If there is sth wrong on the usage of your suggestions or any other
compiler options I can use, please let me know.
    I'd like to hear your guys feedbacks.
    Thanks in advance.

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