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Thu Feb 23 04:03:24 UTC 2017

See <https://build.squid-cache.org/job/template-full-matrix/compiler=clang,label=rs-fbsd-10/286/display/redirect>

Started by upstream project "template-full-matrix" build number 286
originally caused by:
 Started by user Amos Jeffries
Building remotely on rs-fbsd-10 (gcc farm 10.0-RELEASE-p12 freebsd-10.0-RELEASE-p12 clang freebsd amd64-freebsd amd64-freebsd-10.0-RELEASE-p12 amd64) in workspace <https://build.squid-cache.org/job/template-full-matrix/compiler=clang,label=rs-fbsd-10/ws/>
[WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace...
Cleaning workspace...
$ bzr branch http://bzr.squid-cache.org/bzr/squid3/5/ <https://build.squid-cache.org/job/template-full-matrix/compiler=clang,label=rs-fbsd-10/ws/>
Branched 15066 revisions.
Getting local revision...
$ bzr revision-info -d <https://build.squid-cache.org/job/template-full-matrix/compiler=clang,label=rs-fbsd-10/ws/>
info result: bzr revision-info -d <https://build.squid-cache.org/job/template-full-matrix/compiler=clang,label=rs-fbsd-10/ws/> returned 0. Command output: "15066 squid3 at treenet.co.nz-20170223035031-zbv0mk1uhy15as62
" stderr: ""
RevisionState revno:15066 revid:squid3 at treenet.co.nz-20170223035031-zbv0mk1uhy15as62
[rs-fbsd-10] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson3700576815614729213.sh
+ tests=''
+ bzr revno
+ echo 'revno: 15066'
revno: 15066
+ CC=clang
+ CXX=clang++
+ clang --help
+ test OVERVIEW: clang LLVM compiler USAGE: clang '[options]' '<inputs>' OPTIONS: '-###' Print the commands to run for this compilation -E Only run the preprocessor -F '<value>' Add directory to framework include search path -H Show header includes and nesting depth -I '<value>' Add directory to include search path -MG Add missing headers to dependency list -MP Create phony target for each dependency '(other' than main 'file)' -MQ '<value>' Specify target to quote for dependency -MT '<value>' Specify target for dependency -ObjC++ Treat source input files as Objective-C++ inputs -ObjC Treat source input files as Objective-C inputs -P Disable linemarker output in -E mode -Qunused-arguments 'Don'\''t' emit warning for unused driver arguments -S Only run preprocess and compilation steps '-Wa,<arg>' Pass the comma separated arguments in '<arg>' to the assembler '-Wl,<arg>' Pass the comma separated arguments in '<arg>' to the linker '-Wp,<arg>' Pass the comma separated arguments in '<arg>' to the preprocessor '-W<warning>' Enable the specified warning -Xanalyzer '<arg>' Pass '<arg>' to the static analyzer -Xassembler '<arg>' Pass '<arg>' to the assembler -Xclang '<arg>' Pass '<arg>' to the clang compiler -Xlinker '<arg>' Pass '<arg>' to the linker -Xpreprocessor '<arg>' Pass '<arg>' to the preprocessor --analyze Run the static analyzer -arcmt-migrate-emit-errors Emit ARC errors even if the migrator can fix them -arcmt-migrate-report-output '<value>' Output path for the plist report -cl-kernel-arg-info OpenCL only. This option allows the compiler to store information about the arguments of a 'kernel(s)' -cxx-isystem '<directory>' Add directory to the C++ SYSTEM include search path -c Only run preprocess, compile, and assemble steps -dD Print macro definitions in -E mode in addition to normal output -dM Print macro definitions in -E mode instead of normal output -dependency-dot '<value>' Filename to write DOT-formatted header dependencies to -dependency-file '<value>' Filename '(or' '-)' to write dependency output to -emit-ast Emit Clang AST files for source inputs -emit-llvm Use the LLVM representation for assembler and object files -faltivec Enable AltiVec vector initializer syntax -fapple-kext Use 'Apple'\''s' kernel extensions ABI -fapple-pragma-pack Enable Apple gcc-compatible '#pragma' pack handling -fblocks Enable the \''blocks'\' language feature -fborland-extensions Accept non-standard constructs supported by the Borland compiler -fbounds-checking Enable run-time bounds checks -fcolor-diagnostics Use colors in diagnostics '-fcomment-block-commands=<arg>' Treat each comma separated argument in '<arg>' as a documentation comment block command -fcxx-exceptions Enable C++ exceptions -fdata-sections Place each data in its own section '(ELF' 'Only)' -fdelayed-template-parsing Parse templated function definitions at the end of the translation unit -fdiagnostics-parseable-fixits Print fix-its in machine parseable form -fdiagnostics-print-source-range-info Print source range spans in numeric form -fdiagnostics-show-name Print diagnostic name -fdiagnostics-show-note-include-stack Display include stacks for diagnostic notes -fdiagnostics-show-option Print option name with mappable diagnostics -fdiagnostics-show-template-tree Print a template comparison tree for differing templates -fdollars-in-identifiers Allow \''$'\' in identifiers -femit-all-decls Emit all declarations, even if unused -fexceptions Enable support for exception handling -ffast-math Enable the '*frontend*'\''s' \''fast-math'\' mode. This has no effect on optimizations, but provides a preprocessor macro __FAST_MATH__ the same as 'GCC'\''s' -ffast-math flag -fformat-extensions Enable FreeBSD kernel specific format string extensions '-ffp-contract=<value>' Form fused FP ops '(e.g.' 'FMAs):' fast '(everywhere)' '|' on '(according' to FP_CONTRACT pragma, 'default)' '|' off '(never' 'fuse)' -ffreestanding Assert that the compilation takes place in a freestanding environment -ffunction-sections Place each function in its own section '(ELF' 'Only)' -fgnu-keywords Allow GNU-extension keywords regardless of language standard -fgnu-runtime Generate output compatible with the standard GNU Objective-C runtime -fgnu89-inline Use the gnu89 inline semantics -finstrument-functions Generate calls to instrument function entry and exit -flimit-debug-info Limit debug information produced to reduce size of debug binary -fmath-errno Require math functions to indicate errors by setting errno '-fmodules-cache-path=<directory>' Specify the module cache path '-fmodules-ignore-macro=<value>' Ignore the definition of the given macro when building and loading modules '-fmodules-prune-after=<seconds>' Specify the interval '(in' 'seconds)' after which a module file will be considered unused '-fmodules-prune-interval=<seconds>' Specify the interval '(in' 'seconds)' between attempts to prune the module cache -fmodules Enable the \''modules'\' language feature -fms-compatibility Enable Microsoft compatibility mode -fms-extensions Accept some non-standard constructs supported by the Microsoft compiler '-fmsc-version=<value>' Version of the Microsoft C/C++ compiler to report in _MSC_VER '(0' = 'don'\''t' define it '(default))' -fno-access-control Disable C++ access control -fno-assume-sane-operator-new 'Don'\''t' assume that 'C++'\''s' global operator new 'can'\''t' alias any pointer -fno-autolink Disable generation of linker directives for automatic library linking -fno-builtin Disable implicit builtin knowledge of functions -fno-common Compile common globals like normal definitions -fno-constant-cfstrings Disable creation of CodeFoundation-type constant strings -fno-diagnostics-fixit-info Do not include fixit information in diagnostics -fno-diagnostics-show-note-include-stack Display include stacks for diagnostic notes -fno-dollars-in-identifiers Disallow \''$'\' in identifiers -fno-elide-constructors Disable C++ copy constructor elision -fno-elide-type Do not elide types when printing diagnostics -fno-lax-vector-conversions Disallow implicit conversions between vectors with a different number of elements or different element types -fno-limit-debug-info Do not limit debug information produced to reduce size of debug binary -fno-merge-all-constants Disallow merging of constants -fno-objc-infer-related-result-type do not infer Objective-C related result type based on method family -fno-operator-names Do not treat C++ operator name keywords as synonyms for operators -fno-rtti Disable generation of rtti information -fno-sanitize-blacklist 'Don'\''t' use blacklist file for sanitizers -fno-sanitize-recover Disable sanitizer check recovery -fno-show-column Do not include column number on diagnostics -fno-show-source-location Do not include source location information with diagnostics -fno-spell-checking Disable spell-checking -fno-threadsafe-statics Do not emit code to make initialization of local statics thread safe -fno-use-cxa-atexit 'Don'\''t' use __cxa_atexit for calling destructors -fno-use-init-array 'Don'\''t' use .init_array instead of .ctors -fobjc-arc-exceptions Use EH-safe code when synthesizing retains and releases in -fobjc-arc -fobjc-arc Synthesize retain and release calls for Objective-C pointers -fobjc-exceptions Enable Objective-C exceptions -fobjc-gc-only Use GC exclusively for Objective-C related memory management -fobjc-gc Enable Objective-C garbage collection '-fobjc-runtime=<value>' Specify the target Objective-C runtime kind and version '-fpack-struct=<value>' Specify the default maximum struct packing alignment -fpascal-strings Recognize and construct Pascal-style string literals -fsanitize-address-zero-base-shadow Make AddressSanitizer map shadow memory at zero offset '-fsanitize-blacklist=<value>' Path to blacklist file for sanitizers -fsanitize-memory-track-origins Enable origins tracking in MemorySanitizer '-fsanitize=<check>' Enable runtime instrumentation for bug detection: address '(memory' 'errors)' '|' thread '(race' 'detection)' '|' undefined '(miscellaneous' undefined 'behavior)' -fshort-enums Allocate to an enum type only as many bytes as it needs for the declared range of possible values -fshort-wchar Force wchar_t to be a short unsigned int '-fshow-overloads=<value>' Which overload candidates to show when overload resolution fails: 'best|all;' defaults to all -fslp-vectorize-aggressive Enable the BB vectorization passes -fslp-vectorize Enable the superword-level parallelism vectorization passes -fstrict-enums Enable optimizations based on the strict definition of an 'enum'\''s' value range '-ftrap-function=<value>' Issue call to specified function rather than a trap instruction '-ftrapv-handler=<function' 'name>' Specify the function to be called on overflow -ftrapv Trap on integer overflow -funroll-loops Turn on loop unroller -fuse-init-array Use .init_array instead of .ctors -fvectorize Enable the loop vectorization passes -fvisibility-inlines-hidden Give inline C++ member functions default visibility by default -fvisibility-ms-compat Give global types \''default'\' visibility and global functions and variables \''hidden'\' visibility by default '-fvisibility=<value>' Set the default symbol visibility for all global declarations -fwrapv Treat signed integer overflow as 'two'\''s' complement -fwritable-strings Store string literals as writable data -gcc-toolchain '<value>' Use the gcc toolchain at the given directory -gline-tables-only Emit debug line number tables only -g Generate source level debug information -help Display available options -idirafter '<value>' Add directory to AFTER include search path -iframework '<value>' Add directory to SYSTEM framework search path -imacros '<file>' Include macros from file before parsing -include-pch '<file>' Include precompiled header file -include '<file>' Include file before parsing -index-header-map Make the next included directory '(-I' or '-F)' an indexer header map -iprefix '<dir>' Set the -iwithprefix/-iwithprefixbefore prefix -iquote '<directory>' Add directory to QUOTE include search path -isysroot '<dir>' Set the system root directory '(usually' '/)' -isystem '<directory>' Add directory to SYSTEM include search path -iwithprefixbefore '<dir>' Set directory to include search path with prefix -iwithprefix '<dir>' Set directory to SYSTEM include search path with prefix -iwithsysroot '<directory>' Add directory to SYSTEM include search path, absolute paths are relative to -isysroot --migrate Run the migrator -mllvm '<value>' Additional arguments to forward to 'LLVM'\''s' option processing -mms-bitfields Set the default structure layout to be compatible with the Microsoft compiler standard -mno-global-merge Disable merging of globals -mno-implicit-float 'Don'\''t' generate implicit floating point instructions -momit-leaf-frame-pointer Omit frame pointer setup for leaf functions -mqdsp6-compat Enable hexagon-qdsp6 backward compatibility -mrelax-all '(integrated-as)' Relax all machine instructions -mrtd Make StdCall calling convention the default -msoft-float Use software floating point '-mstack-alignment=<value>' Set the stack alignment -mstackrealign Force realign the stack at entry to every function -mstrict-align Force all memory accesses to be aligned '(ARM' 'only)' -nobuiltininc Disable builtin '#include' directories -nostdinc++ Disable standard '#include' directories for the C++ standard library -objcmt-migrate-literals Enable migration to modern ObjC literals -objcmt-migrate-subscripting Enable migration to modern ObjC subscripting -o '<file>' Write output to '<file>' -pg Enable mcount instrumentation -pipe Use pipes between commands, when possible '-print-file-name=<file>' Print the full library path of '<file>' -print-ivar-layout Enable Objective-C Ivar layout bitmap print trace -print-libgcc-file-name Print the library path for '"libgcc.a"' '-print-prog-name=<name>' Print the full program path of '<name>' -print-search-dirs Print the paths used for finding libraries and programs -pthread Support POSIX threads in generated code -rewrite-legacy-objc Rewrite Legacy Objective-C source to C++ -rewrite-objc Rewrite Objective-C source to C++ -save-temps Save intermediate compilation results -serialize-diagnostics '<value>' Serialize compiler diagnostics to a file '-std=<value>' Language standard to compile for '-stdlib=<value>' C++ standard library to use -target '<value>' Generate code for the given target -time Time individual commands -traditional-cpp Enable some traditional CPP emulation -trigraphs Process trigraph sequences -undef undef all system defines -verify Verify output using a verifier -v Show commands to run and use verbose output -working-directory '<value>' Resolve file paths relative to the specified directory -w Suppress all warnings -x '<language>' Treat subsequent input files as having type '<language>'
test: OVERVIEW:: unexpected operator
+ echo 'compiler clang is not available'
compiler clang is not available
+ exit 1
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
[description-setter] Description set: 

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