[squid-dev] Introduction / SslBump upstream ssl proxy support

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Tue Aug 1 09:42:58 UTC 2017

On 21/07/17 01:11, Mihai Ene wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a developer with higher level languages experience very little 
> commercial c++ development on my hands.
> I've been following the SslBump feature for a while now, and this 
> includes source code changes. SslBumping with upstream proxies was 
> completely restricted when bug 3209 was patched in 2011, however, I 
> believe the patch is too restrictive. I agree with Amos's statement that 
> a plaintext information leak is highly unsafe, but the patch also 
> prevents ssl upstream proxies usage.

Hi Mihai,

That bug was 6 years ago, and the comments were specifically about using 
plain-text peer connections. The patch was made to cover all parent 
peers because ...

The problem Squid still has with SSL/TLS peers is not that they leak 
info (they are contacted using TLS after all). It is that explicit-TLS 
proxies use their own certs instead of mimic'd ones so they present 
Squid with a cert other than the origin server cert. That has 
side-effects at the child proxy where bumping cannot mimic the origin 
cert details, and SSL-Bump ends up presenting a clearly invalid cert 
which reasonable clients reject.

In order for the bumping to work without user-visible issues at present 
the best way is for the child proxy to go to its DIRECT or ORIGINAL_DST, 
then get re-intercepted into the parent and re-bumped there. Such that 
the parent mimics the origin cert and it gets to the child proxy, then 
the client.

> In order to prevent plaintext and still use upstream proxies, I propose 
> the following changes (tested in intranet, in production) which enable 
> upstream proxies after ssl bumping, as long as the proxies are ssl 
> themselves:
> - version 4.x 
> https://github.com/randunel/squid4/commit/c91995833370771f9903b374f17a0d774643c2b3
> - version 3.5.x 
> https://github.com/randunel/squid3/commit/a72a47cf0d54bf17faefcfe7692182d82d6520ab

FYI: we are now using github PR system as the only way to accept changes 
to Squid.

Can you please do your submission as a PR request against the 
https://github.com/squid-cache/squid repository master branch. It needs 
to be accepted there before PR against the beta and stable branches code 
will be considered (in that order).

Thank you

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