[squid-dev] [RFC]WCCP alternative for linux routers.

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Thu Dec 22 10:03:33 UTC 2016

Hey List,

I had a talk about squid and WCCP and PBR with the leader of VYOS project.
Since WCCP is used only on specific systems and adding WCCP support for VYOS
would probably won't be a simple task I had another idea.
Since VYOS systems in most cases have spare CPU I can write a monitoring
daemon which will communicate with the squid service via TCP and will flag
the proxy as up or down etc in RealTime based on a similar way that WCCP
handled heartbeats.

First what do the development team thinks about the idea?
Are there any recommendations about anything regarding implementing such an
I had in mind the option to use some other format then binary and there are
couple like json and others which can be combined with server status.
For example how many clients can a proxy handle etc or current CPU or memory
Some of this is already implemented in the manager interface and I believe
that it would be simple enongh as a started to monitor the service also
based on the manager interface.

Ideas? Thougths? Arguments? Other angles and directions?


Eliezer Croitoru
Linux System Administrator
Mobile: +972-5-28704261
Email: eliezer at ngtech.co.il

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