[squid-dev] Benchmarking Performance with reuseport

Henrik Nordström hno at squid-cache.org
Wed Aug 10 00:19:34 UTC 2016

tor 2016-08-04 klockan 23:12 +1200 skrev Amos Jeffries:
> I imagine that Nginx are seeing latency reduction due to no longer
> needing a central worker that receives the connection then spawns a
> whole new process to handle it. The behaviour sort of makes sense for
> a
> web server (which Nginx is at heart still, a copy of Apache) spawning
> CGI processes to handle each request. But kind of daft in these
> HTTP/1.1
> multiplexed performance-centric days.

No, it's only about accepting new connections on existing workers.

Many high load sites still run with non-persistent connections to keep
worker count down, and these benefit a lot from this change.

Sites using persistent connections only benefit marginally. But the
larger the worker count the higher the benefit as the load from new
connections gets distrubuted by the kernel instead of a stamping herd
of workers.


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