[squid-dev] [PATCH] Avoid startup/shutdown crashes

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Thu Apr 7 06:04:45 UTC 2016


    We spent the last few days chasing down trunk startup crashes.
Backtraces pointed to the OpenSSL context management bugs, but the
actual problem was related to the global destruction disorder in the
SBuf statistics code. The attached patch preamble contains the proposed
commit message with more technical details, as usual.

FYI: Since we spent so much time pinpointing this problem and testing
various suspects, we found five more [related] bugs:

> Trunk r14628: Fixed NotNode (!acl) naming: Terminate for strncat(name).
> Bug 4484: tcp access loggers crash clang builds running with ALL,3
> Bug 4485: off-by-one out-of-bounds Tokenizer::int64() read errors
> upcoming patch: Removed ServerOptions "partial copy" copy constructor.
> upcoming patch: Fix and simplify new/delete overloading.

The "upcoming patches" will be posted shortly, but we hope that somebody
else will fix bugs 4484 and 4485.


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