[squid-dev] "TCP_MISS/304" can we describe it better?

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Wed Nov 25 00:19:26 UTC 2015

I was wondering for a very long time.
We have changed some of the access.log syntax and TCP_REFRESH_X was added.
The TCP_MISS/304 is a bit miss leading when using the current squid 
access.log analytical tools.
I think that it can be changed to something else since it's the right 
thing to do.
It is a MISS since the origin was contacted and the full response from 
the server was spliced to the client and this is what the log should 
basically show.
But admins just count "TCP_MISS" as a loss of HIT.
I know they are not right and it's their way of understanding the logs 
wrongly but what should happen? Should it stay like this?
Maybe the statistics tools are not up-to-date and this is not a squid issue.

Will it be a good idea to change it a bit or that "TCP_MISS/304" is a 
good one?


* I got to the conclusion that Google+Youtube are not necessarily the 
bad guys!

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