[squid-dev] [PATCH] Polished cache_peer_access docs

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Thu Nov 5 03:07:06 UTC 2015

On 5/11/2015 12:36 p.m., Alex Rousskov wrote:
> Hello,
>     The attached patch polishes cache_peer_access and related documentation.
> It was inspired by an admin complaint that the existing documentation
> did not make it clear how cache_peer_access is evaluated and how it
> interacts with cache peer selection algorithms.
> I do not think we should provide a comprehensive peer selection
> documentation inside squid.conf.documented (because the algorithm is too
> complex to clearly explain in this format), but I hope this patch
> clarifies things a bit.

Agreed. +1, maybe with two edits:

1) I think the new name for the 'cache-host' parameter field should
probably be 'peer-name' and documented as:

 For the required peer-name parameter, use the cache_peer name=
 parameter value, or if there is none its hostname parameter value.

... to emphasise quietly that the name= parameter is the preferred form,
not repeated listings of the hostname.

2) The "By default" text should be moved to a line under DEFAULT:
DEFAULT_DOC: Allow the peer to be selected for use.


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